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House Atreides are one of the most powerful Great Houses in the Imperium; they are honourable, efficient and highly respected throughout the Landsraad and are led by the honorific Duke Leto Atreides.

Historically, the home planet of the Atriedes has been Caladan, a luscious oceanic planet and one of the wealthiest in the Imperium.

Given their political influence within the Landsraad, they are considered particularly dangerous by Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in particular, who seeks to destroy the Atreides and eliminate an enemy.

General Gameplay[edit | edit source]

House Atreides are very powerful as a result of their unravelled political power, negotiating skills and their reputation for candour, honor, and loyalty — an aspect not found throughout much of the Imperium.

As a result, the Atreides are trusted by most Houses Great and Houses Minor, which fuels their abilities and power, allowing them further benefits and political control.

Upon Arrakis, the Atreides rely on their ability to negotiate to gain an advantage with the Fremen, the native population of Arrakis.

Councillors[edit | edit source]

Like most houses within the Landsraad, House Atreides relies on the counsel of a trusted circle. House Atreides calls on the expertise of Warmaster Gurney Halleck, Lady Jessica Atreides, Thufir Hawat, and Duncan Idaho.

Each advisor and councillor plays an important part in strategy as each offers unique traits and advice.

Unique Units[edit | edit source]

The Atreides are known throughout the Imperium for their exceptionally well trained fighters, rivalled only by the Sardaukur. As a result of their stellar army, there are a number of unique units a player can chose from during battle:

  • Trooper: Troopers are armoured swordsmen who have an exceptional advantage in close-quarter combat.
  • Ranger: Rangers are particularly useful across long-distances given their long-range rifles.
  • Warden: Wardens are the Atreides secret weapon and the Duke's pride. Carrying heavy shielding (almost impenetrable), they are feared throughout the Imperium therefore offer an advantage to players.
  • Support Drone: Support Drones follow players through battle and offer air support. They are heavy mechanical units with exceptionally powerful ranged weapons.
  • Hawk: A small, but mighty aircraft with powerful machine guns.
  • Kraken: A powerful transport vessel for troops.

Faction Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Atreides Bonuses.jpeg

As with other factions, House Atreides has a unique set of faction bonuses which provide an advantage for players choosing this faction from the outset.

  • Players are able to use the Peaceful Annexation ability which allows them to capture villages within 15 days without having to go into battle.
  • Forming alliances with other factions will not negatively affect other factions meaning they are more likely to form an alliance.
  • Players will benefit from a higher authorial standing within the Landsraad.
  • Players, however, will be unable to pillage neutral villages.

Weakness[edit | edit source]

One of the main weaknesses of the Atreides is that they rely on their political advantage to win the game. This presents issues, as the Atreides are initially relatively slow to produce Hegemony, which is the main way to assert control over Arrakis. Furthermore, one must wait for council sessions and their outcomes to gain political control within the Landsraad — this is a timely affair and other factions perhaps relying on military dominance such as House Harkonnen may be able to outpace them.

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