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Otheym is a true fremen fighter and one of The Fremen councillors available for players to interact with throughout Dune: Spice Wars.

Otheym is a fearsome and renowned Fremen fighter that left sietch Gara Kulon for sietch Tabr lead by Stilgar. He is a wise and loyal man thought a bit brusque, and like being in the front line, both in combat and experimenting with new strategies.

Skill - Sand assasins[edit | edit source]

+ 10% Speed of all units

All units get the Sand Assasins upgrade when there is no ally near:

  • +20% Power
  • +2 Armor

Difficulty: easy.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Otheym can be combined with any other councillor as the raw mobility and power of Sand Assasins is good for both defense and raids.

Combine him with Mother Ramallo to provoke rebellions in enemy cities and then attack any other cities they still have at the same time with high speed even if with low numbers. The objective is destroying as much economy as you can without losing many units.

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