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The Smugglers are a prominent and feared force to be reckoned with throughout the Imperium and one of the major challenges players will come up against. Armed with their own army and political influence, they are major traffickers of goods throughout the Imperium — particularly, spice melange.

The Smugglers are fueled by their aim to eventually form their own house and become a recognized member of the Landsraad.

General Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Smugglers are led by none other than Esmar Tuek, a long experienced smuggler and one of the most respected throughout the Imperium. With news of a war between the great houses on Arrakis, members of the Smugglers band together under Tuek's leadership.

It is assumed players will have the option to play as Tuek throughout the gameplay; it is expected that this would give a wealth advantage.

Councilors[edit | edit source]

Tuek employs a group of trusted councillors whom he has personally vetted himself and have each completed numerous criminal operations over the years. Players can chose two councillors at the beginning of the game, and each councillor will give players specific bonuses, so it is best to chose the bonuses which will aid you in your chosen victory path.

  • Drisq: Drisq is Tuek's quartermaster and takes care of most of Tuek's operations. She manages the spies on Arrakis, particularly within Sietch Tuek.
    • Bonus: All agents have the Merchant trait. Infiltration cannot be lower than 1.
  • Staban Tuek: Staban is the son of Esamr and is adapt and knowledgeable upon matters concerning the political landscape of Arrakis. Staban uses the wealth accumulated through smuggling operations to influence those within the Landsraad.
    • Bonus: Underworld Headquarters produce +5 Solari per adjacent region containing an Underworld Headquarters. +0.5 Influence per Underworld Headquarters.
  • Bannerjee: Bannerjee is Tuek's head of security and is knowledgeable upon matters concerning the criminal underworld of Arrakis and beyond.
    • Bonus: Gain 30% more when pillaging a village. Gain Plascrete by pillaging a village.
  • Lingar Bewt: Bewt is very knowledgeable within the water trade. This allows him control and authority within many of the Graben and Pan villages of Arrakis.
    • Bonus: Reduces the Authority cost to annex a Village depending on available Water. Reduces the cost to install Underworld Headquarters depending on available Water.

Unique Units[edit | edit source]

  • Scavengers: Scavengers are opportunist killers with a penchant for attacking weaker, smaller units with their sharpened blades. Scavenger strength increases as their target supplies diminish.
  • Wreckers: Wreckers use chemical weapons against enemies close to them to reduce enemy supply. They are particularly advantageous to those wishing to loot their enemies.
  • Sniper: Snipers are exceptionally deadly marksmen who utilise modified sniper rifles. They have the longest attack range on Arrakis and are well camouflaged.
  • Free Company: The Free Company are assassin bounty hunters famous throughout the Imperium for their dual swords and stealth gear. They are able to mimic the attacks and skills of their targets during fights therefore are particularly useful against stronger units.
  • Combat Drone: The combat drone is a mechanical unit employed by the Smugglers which allows for autonomous fighting. They are more fragile than the drones of other factions, but are extremely agile.
  • Mercenary: Deadly head hunters comprised of plunderers, pirates, and smugglers all looking for a steady income of Solaris. With a high upkeep rate and an even greater upfront cost, these mercenaries will provide you with all around great stats and a extremely fast deployment rate.

Faction bonuses[edit | edit source]

The Smugglers Bonus.jpeg

As with any faction, players chosing the Smugglers as their faction have several bonuses/benefits not akin to the other factions. There are, however, some drawbacks that players will have to overcome that are not present with other factions.

  • Players can place Bounties on resolutions within the Landsraad.
  • Players are able to install Underworld Headquarters in the villages of their opponents.
  • As Smugglers, players benefit from improved interactions with the black markets upon Arrakis.
  • The Smugglers initially have a limited access to the Landsraad which players must overcome.

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