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House Corrino are the ruthless leaders of the imperial universe and one of the factions players are able to play as within Dune: Spice Wars. Led by the feared Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV, House Corrino must make a trip to Arrakis to remind the universe the power they hold.

Hearing of unrest on Arrakis, Shaddam IV arrives to settle the power-struggle once and for all and ensure they remain complete control over the most valuable planet in the universe and thus, the most sacred of substances, Spice Melange.

House Corrino was added to Dune: Spice Wars at the end of August, 2022, and was the final faction to appear in the game.

General Gameplay[edit | edit source]

House Corrino has maintained a position of authority in the Imperium for the past 10 millennia, primarily leveraging the fear instilled by the renowned Imperial Sardaukar to uphold their power. Despite their unparalleled influence, House Corrino is obligated to pay the Spice Tax to the Spacing Guild in order to secure affordable access to interstellar travel.

The Emperor's presence on Arrakis is transient, facilitated by the arrival of his regal spacecraft and mobile palaces, which serve as fully-equipped administrative centres. Additionally, the Emperor has the capability to summon a second of these imposing vessels to descend upon Arrakis if necessary.

While the position of Emperor bestows considerable power, it also entails significant responsibility, with a key obligation being to keep the Spacing Guild cooperative. Although House Corrino collects Spice taxes or bribes from most factions on Arrakis, they must in turn remit fees to the Guild to ensure accessible interstellar travel, not only for their own benefit, but also for the advantage of all the prominent Houses in the Imperium.

This responsibility affords them substantial influence over other factions, further bolstered by their capacity to deploy Sardaukar forces, sway the agenda of the Landsraad, and manipulate the CHOAM market through their connections.

Councillors[edit | edit source]

House Corrino's councillors are selected with a specific agenda in mind: to ensure they can rule the Imperium efficiently. Emperor Shaddam's court is made up of trusted advisors and family members, whose loyalty and competence cannot be questioned.[1]

  • Princess Irulan: Princess Irulan is the eldest daughter of Shaddam IV. Involved in both the plots of her father and of the Bene Gesserit, she is used to making the best of a bad situation
  • Wensica Corrino: Wensicia Corrino is the third daughter of Shaddam IV, trained from the youngest age for stewardship. Her independent mind pushes her to seek a more active role in House Corrino’s doings.
  • Captain Aramsham: Captain Aramsham is a proud officer of the Sardaukar, sent on Arrakis during the Spice Wars. Aramsham is an expert at using conscripts as cannon fodder to support Sardaukar legions.
  • Hasmir Fenring: Hasimir Fenring is a sharp assassin mentat, one of the deadliest fighters in the imperium and the closest friend of Shaddam IV.

Unique Units[edit | edit source]

The unique units available to House Corrino

House Corrino has a strong military presence, but this is used sparingly. The Corrino prefer to focus on their political power to get their way, but their military are there to make a reluctant faction fall in line:

  • Infantry: Infantry are conscript swordsmen. Relatively weak when alone, their mastery of complex formations make them stronger with each ally infantry in their vicinity.
  • Ranged Infantry: Ranged Infantry are conscript riflemen. Like their melee counterparts, they get stronger when surrounded by their allies.
  • Incinerators: Incinerators wield flamethrowers that bring agonising death to even the most armoured opponent.
  • Sardaukar: The Sardaukar are the infamous elite swordsmen of the Emperor. Originating from the mysterious prison planet Salusa Secundus, the secret of their training and recruitment process is one of the most well-guarded in the imperium. They are as renowned for their legendary fighting ability as for their lack of mercy.
  • Artillery Drones: Artillery Drones throw high-calibre explosives from a long distance. These dreadful siege machines need to be anchored to sound ground to operate.
  • Hammer: The Hammer is a specialised bomber of the Imperium, designed to deliver high caliber explosives with frightening precision, and break any defensive position
  • Cronos: The Cronos is a symbol of the Imperium power. It is equipped with powerful flanking cannons, and the full intrastructure necessary to land shuttles

Faction Bonuses[edit | edit source]

House Corrino has numerous faction bonuses unlike that of the other factions due to their political influence and control within the Imperium; this is greatly benefical to players chosing this faction at the start of the game:

  • Paying the Spacing Guild fees gains players Hegemony;
  • Can use the Imperial Edict on resolutions in the Landsraad to switch their scope;
  • House Corrino can lend another faction 2 Sardaukar to strenghten their units and during this will earn Solari when the Sardaukar kill;
  • +1 building spot on villages;
  • +100% Authority cost to annx villages due to thre distance from the main base.

When a player reaches 5000 Hegemony playing as House Corrino:

  • Can use the Main Base Deployment on Corrino Villages and also neutral villages to land a second main base;
  • Offer Imperial Favour as part of a trade — this adds +100 influence.

At 10,000 Hegemony:

  • +30% airfield range;
  • Missiles attack from 30% further;
  • +30 Landsraad Standing when another faction is elected to a charter.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Official descriptions taken from the announcement.